How to Create a Grungy Glass Window

Windows can be used to create interesting shots, especially when using the reflections to your advantage, but that’s not the only way to incorporate glass in your photoshoot. There are several different ways, but what if you are looking for a grungy-looking window for a specific concept you have in mind? Here's how to make one.

Getting a nice piece of glass and adding scratches and texture to bring your concept to life might not be the first thing every photographer wants to run out and try for themselves. Creating your battered window and then having to clean up shards of glass everywhere isn’t very appealing, but you don’t have to use glass either. Using a polycarbonate sheet instead of glass, Gavin Honey from Adorama demonstrates how he goes about creating this look.

Before actually taking destructive steps, Hoey test out another idea to simulate the grungy look. A word of caution, be very careful when handling an axe and polycarbonate sheet if you want to roughen up the edges as Hoey shows. If you're not sure where you can get polycarbonate sheets from, check out your local hardware store. So, what do you think? In your opinion, were the results successful in giving the grungy look? Have you tried anything similar in creating your own grungy or even broken window? Show us your examples in the comments below.

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Very cool. Thanks for posting.

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Interesting, and pretty easy. Thanks.

Have Fun,