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How to Shoot a Punch Portrait Without Making Physical Contact

A photographer has put together this behind-the-scenes video to show how we created a realistic “punch portrait.” Mike Smith has managed to pull off an image of himself seemingly being punched, except there’s one catch – no direct contact was made at all.

Posting to his YouTube channel, Smith said:

You’ll have a lot of fun taking a few crazy self portraits and then learn a few Photoshop skills to layer up this image. Whether you have one flash head, a strobe or professional flash heads, you can take some really fun and different portraits!

Given how much time we all have stuck at home currently, now is a greater chance than ever to learnt some new editing skills.

In the 34-minute video, Smith details how to composite such a shot. The six steps include photographing your fist, another to capture saliva as if it is flying out of your mouth, and of course taking a photo of yourself as if being punched. Should you not be able to complete some of the steps of the tutorial, Smith kindly provided the raw files so that you can at least try sticking them all together yourself.

Hit play on the video to see exactly how it’s done. You can find other similar tutorials over at Smith’s YouTube channel.

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Hanaa Turkistani's picture

excellent tutorial thx 4 share

Jack Alexander's picture

Glad it was useful :)

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+ 1 for The Slow Mo Guys reference!