Skateboarder Uses His Dog to Film Himself

Finding a cameraperson or device that can follow you as you perform unpredictable skateboard tricks and maneuvers could be a very complicated and expensive process. This guy found the perfect solution: his dog.

Rob Mathieson is an illustrator and designer based out of London who's also an avid skateborder. He also has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Fatman the Dog. Fatman the Dog is clearly a very good boy. Since Fatman the Dog will follow his beloved owner wherever he goes, Mathieson came up with the clever idea of strapping a camera to his harness to film him while skateboarding, and the results are both surprisingly good and adorable. Frankly, I think almost any video would be improved by employing a friendly pup to film it.

It's not clear how Mathieson pays Fatman the Dog, though I'm sure pats and treats are in the mix. 

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Stephen Kampff's picture

So wholesome! Must be a 360 camera?

Alex Cooke's picture

That's my guess!

Brian Pernicone's picture

I’m curious about the camera as well. Incredible stabilization.

chrisrdi's picture

I need to get me a good ole pupper!

Andy Barnham's picture

I’m actually just watching what the dog does next and not paying any attention to the skate boarder.

David Hill's picture

He's a good boy

John Priest's picture

It’s probably a Rylo on a GoPro dog harness. I’ve used this set up on hikes.

Michelle Maani's picture

He'd better watch out for PETA, they might take him to court, claiming the copyright belongs to the dog.