For Great Street Photography Look for The Imagined Story

This weeks episode of Seeker Stories features San Francisco photographer Jack Simon and his particular style of street photography. In particular, the way in which the observer can create (or be led to create) a narrative around an image, even when one may not exist. Or as Jack puts it, "I'm attracted to moments that are humorous and strange or surreal. And ideally I like to find scenes that capture the essence of an imagined story".​

You may have noticed that the amount of copy I've written for this post is a bit sparse. This should not be mistaken for a lack of interest or enthusiasm for this story. In truth, after watching this video and checking out Jack's work, I'm just too eager to hit the streets with my camera (today the Fuji X100T) and I hope you all will be to. 

I enjoy the hunt for that moment of mystery, surprise, and humor in my everyday life. I seek unplanned and unposed images that hint to a larger story, like a publicity still from some forgotten movie. These fragments of fictional stories are drawn from the real world in an odd coupling of my unconscious, my intentions, and chance. -Jack Simon

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We make up our own stories of what we see yet it might be far from whats really going on.