How Is Photography Affecting Us?

People are going to the plastic surgeon to get rhinoplasties because their mobile phone cameras distort their noses too much while taking selfies. What does photography mean in 2019, and where are we going?

Modern photography, especially mobile photography, has changed the idea and effect of photography for the image-maker and viewer globally. It affects the way we experience our environment, our friends, our day-to-day experiences, and essentially, our lives. The video shares the results of a study and proves that when some people share the photo, they are more concerned about what others will think about the shot they posted, which is answered by social likes and comments, instead of focusing on what they're photographing and what it means to them.

This is a tough place for young, driven photographers who need to guide their own course of action by showing what they're capable and passionate about shooting, getting the needed social response, yet  remaining true to themselves and their art. It seems like a lot of pressure, but then again, pressure and the changing industry is what the job entails. 

The positive aspects are that the experience of taking photographs can actually have a soothing effect, which allows you to focus and enjoy the visceral experience we as photographers love so much. 

What I've learnt from the video, is that I love the way Chris Burkard looks at the world and that if you are passionate about photography, you shoot with intent. You look for the details, textures, landscapes, or shapes and then raise the camera to take the shot. Don't go dragging your camera monitor across the horizon hoping something interesting will come around. Be curious, be interested, and pay attention in what's around you.

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Jordan McChesney's picture

Thanks for sharing this. I put it on my watch list on Youtube earlier, and then completely forgot to watch it, haha.
I haven't watched the video yet, but I already know doing photography has changed my way of thinking (and my brain) dramatically. It effects how I look at common places I visit and almost completely dictates my travel plans. It also helps me deal with stress and other problems, so I have no idea what I'd be like had I not picked my camera back up. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a photography addict, but hey, there are worse things I could be addicted to.

Thanks again for sharing, I'll be sure to check this video out in the morning!

imagecolorado's picture

Photography is a hobby, job or both. Only in photography have I seen this phenomenon of untrained, inexperienced and/or poorly talented people pretending to be highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals based on the value or brand of photographic equipment they own. They can't be avoided.

For me, it's a job that allows me to do what I want, where I want. Some of the best people I've ever meet have been in the course of that pursuit. I make no claims beyond that.