Looking Back at Nordic Light's Photo Festival

The eighth annual Nordic Light International Festival of Photograph was held back in April in Kristiansund, Norway and the lineup of speakers featured some of photography’s finest imagemakers. Sponsored by Leica, Epson and Nokia with the slogan “Meet the Legends,” Nordic Light is an impressive annual festival run by the Nordic Light International Centre of Photography. The NL YouTube and Vimeo channels feature several of the entire presentations including Steve McCurry, Chris Rainer, Jacob Aue Sobel, Maria Pirilä, Dan Young and many more.

For more information on the Nordic Light Centre and next year’s festival, which is scheduled for May 6-10, 2014, visit their web site.

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I was there! It was an epic experience to hear the stories from the master him self. But my personal highlight from Nordic Light was at the lecture from Elliott Erwitt at the 2010 festival.