Polaroid Feature-length Documentary: 'Instant Dreams'

"Instant Dreams" is a feature-length film about Polaroid that explores the magic of this defunct format, the pioneer of instant imagery, and documents the search for the lost chemical formula. Premiering at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam a few days ago, the film discusses what it meant to produce imagery that is physical, unique, and, as one of the subjects puts it, "an artifact of time."

Director Willem Baptist describes his 91-minute documentary:

Instant Dreams is my cinematic ode to that longing for magic, mystery and a celebration of the dreams of the future that are interwoven with this medium. Like instant film, we are made up of chemical connections and are full of unpredictable reactions.

In Instant Dreams, the Polaroid photos are a metaphor for our relationship with reality, our longing to catch our dreams. Like one of the characters in the documentary says: 'We need people like Dr. Land to dream about what we are as human beings.'

Copyright 2017 | Image by PVH Films | https://www.pvhfilm.nl/

Several screenings are scheduled for the Netherlands and Belgium. It will then be touring the festival circuit and news of further screenings and distribution should emerge next year.

Copyright 2017 | Image by PVH Films | https://www.pvhfilm.nl/

For more information, visit the website, (NSFW) InstantDreamsMovie.com, and visit their (NSFW) Facebook page.

Images used with permission, courtesy of PVH Films.

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