Woman Beautifully Photographs Her Own Childbirth

Woman Beautifully Photographs Her Own Childbirth

As the baby was crowning, Megan Mattiuzzo was clicking away. This might sound like a normal scene for most birth photographers out there, but Mattiuzzo was up against an extra layer of difficulty: she was photographing her own delivery.

“I almost didn't take the photo because of a failed epidural. But I knew I would regret it if I didn't,” Mattiuzzo said of her resolve to document the birth of her son. “I told the doctors as I started to push to turn the room lights off and just keep the spotlights above the bed on, to make for a better photo.”

It's hard to imagine the grit required to even keep a firm hold on a Nikon D5 during such a moment, but it was the natural way for her to catch a first glimpse of her son Easton, Mattiuzzo explained.

“[My husband] then handed me my camera and as I curled my chin to my chest to push I balanced the bottom of the camera on my stomach looking through the viewfinder. I then captured the best moments of my life,” she recalled. “The first time I got to see my son... the first breath he took. It was the best day of my life, and I know I will always remember it. Photographs keep moments from ever being lost. I'm glad I captured my son's first moments!” 

Mattiuzzo’s story is both beautiful and quirky in a way that perfectly personifies the obsessiveness and persistent pursuit that often comes with being a professional photographer. This takes the idea of using your children as test subjects to the next level.

For the parents out there: what is the wildest photo shoot your brood has had to endure?

See more of Megan’s work here: Megan Ann Photography or see her work on Instagram.

All images used with permission of Megan Mattiuzzo.

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It’s an interesting idea for pain management to have that kind of focused task. Video games have also been known to work well for people managing chronic pain conditions.

Babies are so angry looking when they are born. I thought the same about mine.

"Fuck, here I go again" is what they think.

Well, it's suddenly cold and they can feel the wetness. Besides they've been squished and pushed through a narrow passageway with no way to escape or move for a long period of time. I don't blame them for being upset.

She may have photographed herself giving birth, but she did not photograph her own delivery. That would be quite a feat indeed.

Was thinking the very same thing, hey Gopro, get on that would yah?

Cute kid

Is it more accurate to say in the headline "Woman Beautifully Photographs Her Own Child's Birth"?

lol for nsfw tag.

if you interested in this subject i definetly recommend this rare book by Ohashi Jin

it depicts not only the birth of child but their growth in later pictyres.

speaking of nfsw try

by the same author, banned in japan. but available outside.

No one looks pretty when they wake up.

That baby looks like some creature straight out of a Roger Corman B movie trailer.

every baby is ugly af when born. 2-3 months later you see features.
I told my wife, I hope our baby doesnt continue looking this ugly. fortunately no.

Hahaaaaaaa...ugly af--hoo boy! Well i'm happy your bundle of joy prettied up. Enjoy the experience.

Actually a lot of c-section babies are quite pretty. They haven't had their heads squished by the birth canal. That said, they have more problems, such as chronic constipation. Not sure why.