8 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Your Drone Indoors

Drones are usually reserved for outdoor work only, but with a smaller device, the right environment, and some careful piloting (or just handholding), you can create some really unique photos and works. This great video will show you eight different ideas for working with a drone indoors.

Coming to you from Drone Film Guide, this great video will show you eight ways to use a DJI Mavic Mini (or a drone of a similar size) indoors. Obviously, you should be extremely careful and take all the appropriate precautions before flying a drone indoors. With many of us under quarantine, we are having to get more inventive in how we find ways to make new work, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, as limitations can actually help one find new creative avenues. I have used my drone indoors a few times, and it has provided me with some unique shots that would not have been possible otherwise. It certainly is not right for a lot of situations and takes an environment in which you can safely fly the drone, but when it works, it can provide some really fantastic work. Check out the video above for all the ideas. 

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Alternative title is "I Didn't Like That Lamp Anyway."

Ah yes, i recall the 1st time i tried my Mavic indoors. It was in beginners mode which means it automatically rises to a height well beyond most home ceilings. I needed new props after that .