9 Tips for Successful Drone Flights

Drones are more popular, powerful, and portable than ever, and they offer you the ability to get photos and videos from perspectives that simply would not be possible otherwise. Of course, with such a different method of working, flying and shooting with a drone requires some special considerations. This great video tutorial will show you nine important keys to consider before your next drone flight that will help you ensure you get the best possible shots. 

Coming to you from Videomaker, this excellent video tutorial will show you nine keys to ensuring you have successful drone flights. One simple tip is to check that you are up to date before you head out to shoot. Unlike regular cameras, drones require regular updates to keep functioning, as they need to be able to ensure that they are in compliance with the latest no-fly zones and regulations. If you do not update regularly, you may get out in the field only to find that your drone will literally refuse to take off. I fly mine somewhat irregularly due to my schedule, and I have made this mistake a few times, which is awfully frustrating. Now, I make sure I pull mine out every month simply to update it. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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