Drone Pilot Uses Custom-Built Racing Drone to Capture Fast-Action Footage of Rollercoaster in Motion

A drone pilot has partnered with a theme park in Sweden to utilize his skills and record one of their rollercoasters. He operated the drone to closely follow the coaster’s car around the tracks for the thrilling footage.

FPV drone pilot and YouTuber Viggo Koch was at the helm of the drone, recording the video at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden. He teamed up with the park to race the drone around the tracks of the HELIX rollercoaster. The shoot itself was scheduled before the grounds were open to the public — needless to say, for safety reasons — and serves as a great promotional visual for the park.

Koch used a GoPro HERO 7 Black, which was attached to his custom-built racing drone. The drone was fitted with a Foxeer Falkor FPV camera. In order to be able to monitor the footage in real-time, he used a pair of Fatshark HD3 Goggles paired with the ImmersionRC RapidFIRE 5.8 GHz Module and VAS 3-turn Helical Antennas, and he piloted the drone using an FrSky Q X7 Controller with a TBS Crossfire Micro TX long-range R/C link.

Hit play on the footage and see Koch’s sharp skills for yourself! 

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Best thing I've seen on the internet in a long time! When he gets into it. It looks like those 3D renderings amusement parks put out for new rides. He just opened up a new job market for racing drone pilots.


Damn, great flying! But, it feels like that rollercoaster was too slow for the drone. Like the drone pilot had to hold back some speed. :D

Probably none. Looks like it was done when the park was closed, and no one on the roller coaster. Since is a promotional video, I'm sure he got permission by the park to do it.

Like Tony said, probably none. I'm sure the park had full clearance and followed the laws.

That might be the most amazing thing I have ever seen!

so skilled and great video (the colors looked good too)

That was fantastic! Amazing flying.

Awesome video, although I felt a little woozy afterwards!

That was some great flying skills.....