Drone Video Shows Eerie Footage of San Francisco Shrouded in Smoke From Wildfire

The recent Camp Fire was the deadliest in California history and the fifth deadliest in the history of the United States. This eerie drone footage shows how the smoke enveloped San Francisco. 

The Camp Fire burned for 17 days before reaching 100 percent containment, killing at least 88 people and causing somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 billion in damage. The fire eventually burned over 153,000 acres, destroying almost 19,000 buildings in the process, causing the evacuation of approximately 52,000 people after it spread so quickly that firefighters temporarily stopped attempting to contain it and turned their attention solely to saving those in harm's way. The fire was so devastating that it caused the only known instance of an insurance company becoming insolvent due to a single disaster. Ian Montgomery from Pre-Future LLC took to the skies with his drone and captured the footage, which he notes was taken while San Francisco was measured as having the worst air quality in the world. The footage is haunting; seeing the San Francisco skyline and famous landmarks completely enveloped in the thick smoke really underscores just what a massive disaster the Camp Fire was. Montgomery has asked that anyone who can donate to help the victims of the fire. 

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This looks like Rlade Runner movie. They could use this to make a really disturbing sf post-apo movie,

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This is the second acolyptical fire this year. Both got so bad u could smell it inside. Many people wearing masks. At the help centers u really got the essence of the sheer panic and desperation. The skies were not just orange but brown this time.

The new normal is here and it won't be pretty. AQI and N95 have now entered the urban lexicon and are here to stay. The potential long term health effects for the young and old, even with masks, are not well understood. But eerily beautiful.

I had a cat that died a little over a year ago because of the wildfires in BC and the Columbia river gorge (I live just east of the gorge and the smoke was being funneled into my town) . She had a weak heart and the smoke was too much for her system to deal with.