This Fun Drone Accessory Makes So Much Sense

I have just seen a video reviewing one of the coolest drone accessories I've ever seen. I'm not sure how it isn't a standard accessory included in the box of every drone sold.

I joined the world of proud drone owners for the first time ever this Christmas. Actually, my kids are the proud drone owners. I'm technically still a wannabe. But someone had to figure out how everything worked first. After learning the ropes and actually being very impressed with our choice, the Ryze Tello, it was time to search online to see what else this cool little drone was capable of.

One of the first accessories I found might not be anything you are used to hearing associated with drones. It is a simple little snap on LEGO stand allowing you to place a mini figure on top of your drone like the Green Goblin. Simply genius.

I plan on getting two of these asap and digging through our box of LEGOs to find some of our classic characters to upgrade to drone riders. Will this improve the capabilities of the drone? Clearly not. But I do think it will increase the enjoyment factor quite a bit!

Check out Aldryn Estacio's video to see the cool little clip in action and pop over to B&H Photo to grab one for yourself. If you can't wait for the shipping or want to try another route, people have suggested getting similar results with plain old double-sided tape. There is also special LEGO-compatible tape found here on Amazon.

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Rifki Syahputra's picture!!!

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I had to try it out with double sided tape last night, worked well but I still want the snap on piece. Check it out:

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really cool... Im thinking of pimping the drone to be more like an x wing or something.. gotta be cool

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