Insta360 Releases All-in-One Drone Attachment

The new accessory will allow users to shoot 360-degree footage in the air.

The new “Insta360 Sphere” attaches to DJI’s Mavic Air 2 and 2S. It’s basically an ad-hoc version of their previous ONE R accessory that split the 360 camera in two. Insta360 have also partnered with other FPV drone manufacturers in the past, allowing a regular ONE R to slot into the drone.

The drone’s main camera can still be used here, actually. Since the clamp sits so far back, I don’t think it will obscure the view, even looking straight down. There’s been issues with clamping accessories to DJI drones in the past. It can affect the drone’s GPS signal and get in the main camera’s way. Insta360 is promising that the accessory will have no impact on the drone, although surely, battery life will be cut down by a decent margin. The Sphere brings the drone’s weight up by about 30%. The 48-minute battery life is a lot longer than the drone will be able to carry it.

360 cameras tend to display stitching issues and artifacts when shooting up close. They also often struggle in low light. So, it’s pretty reasonable to pair this with the Mavic Air 2. Users will likely be shooting wider landscapes and during the day.

The camera shoots 5.7K up to 30p, at a data rate of 100 Mbps. This is the exact same as their ONE RS 360 module and the ONE X2 camera. Just like the others, it records onto a Micro SD card.

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