Man Arrested After Flying Drone Into World Trade Center to Make His 'YouTube Pop Off'

Man Arrested After Flying Drone Into World Trade Center to Make His 'YouTube Pop Off'

A Dallas, Texas man was arrested after flying a drone in the World Trade Center complex in New York City on August 2 and crashing it into one of the skyscrapers. The man, Adam Ismail, 22, said: "Now, I’ve got a great New York story... I need to make my YouTube pop off."

From the land of poor ideas, Adam Ismail, a 22-year-old Dallas area "CEO, Crypto Investor, and Videographer/Photographer," was arrested by the Port Authority Police Department on Monday after he flew his drone into 7 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, crashing it into the building and causing it to become stuck in window panels on the third floor. Ismail, who was issued a summons and eventually released, told the New York Daily News: “I was making a personal travel video to show my followers on social media. I post on Instagram. I need to make my YouTube pop off." He said he did not realize the building was part of the World Trade Center complex. Regardless, flying a drone anywhere in New York City is forbidden and is considered a misdemeanor, mostly due to the city's densely populated airspace and other issues that would make drone usage dangerous. 

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El Dooderino's picture

What a dumbass.

Derek Morf's picture

*stares off distantly*
*facepalms to point of concussion*
*rolls eyes, exhales heavily*

What a buffoon.

Brian Cover's picture

Wait until he get the multi thousand dollar bill for removing the drone from the window and the repairs.

Mike Ditz's picture

"CEO, Crypto Investor, and Videographer/Photographer," he forgot Creative Director in is resume...

Pedro Pulido's picture

giving him attention is actually what he wants and it is pretty much promoting this D.A attitude. won't open his Instagram or youtube. Hope he learns his lesson.

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

I don't think publishing this is a great idea. Just for the respect of those who lost their lives this day.

Alex Zenzaburro's picture

who lost what?

Chris Fowler's picture

I was hoping they'd throw the book at him...

Mel Correll's picture

So. Why hasn't he been shot?! The stupid should not be breathing.

Andrew Almeida's picture

...and what's going to happen to him?...probably nothing and his YouTube WILL "pop off". Action>lack of consequence>repeat

Jason Deckman's picture

"CEO, Crypto Investor, and Videographer/Photographer"

They misspelled 'douchebag'.

Anthony Mair's picture

Like we haven't seen a shot of NY from a helicopter or drone before. What was his concept? Social media really brings out the dumb in people.

Robert Oslin's picture

Some pretty harsh responses here. Watch his instagram link below. He's just a kid that made a dumb mistake. I've done some pretty dumb things myself as a kid, haven't any of you? He owned up to his ignorance on the subject and hopefully learned from his mistake.

Brian Miller's picture

Im Surprised the building didnt collapse after that