Photographer Uses Drones to Illuminate Nighttime Landscapes

We've heard of or seen drones that shoot stills and video and even deliver packages. But have you ever heard of a photographer using drones to illuminate landscapes for still images? Watch this video to learn about this incredible take on landscape photography. 

Being a landscape photographer and a fan of the genre, I often see and am guilty of creating the same types of images over and over again. In a genre of art that's saturated with morning and evening mountainous images, it's always a breath of fresh air when a new take on landscape photography is pursued. 

Reuben Wu is a photographer, film-maker, and music producer. He is driven "not just by the urge to create imagery, but by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, constantly open to serendipity and with an eye for the unnoticed and the hidden." Working with Coors Light in this video and thinking outside the box, Wu uses drones to illuminate glacier walls in Peru. He acts as a painter, using night drones, the moon, and stars as his tools. By doing so, he brings a studio mentality into the field. 

Although his creations are a bit different than "normal" landscape photographers, Wu still endures and experiences the same type of hardships and adventure as other landscape photographers would. In order to create the images, Wu has to trek and travel for miles, deep into Peru. While piloting the drones and creating art, Wu is in a constant battle with the elements, such as the bitter cold and higher altitude. 

Watch this video to learn more about Wu's unique take on landscape photography and how he shares his sense of adventure and exploration with the world. 

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that's pretty badass, i'd love to do it... and hate to do that lol