PolarPro Releases Cinematic LUTs for DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro

As consumer-level and professional drones become more and more capable, filmmakers are increasingly turning to them for the unique perspective they offer and as a way to augment existing work. Building on this, PolarPro has just released 12 new cinematic LUTs specifically for DJI's most popular models.

Both the DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro are highly capable drones that have generally received favorable reviews for both their stills and video capabilities. Many filmmakers using them shoot in D-Log, DJI's version of the logarithmic format, which lends the footage much more leeway for adjustment and grading in post. These filmmakers often take advantage of LUTs (lookup tables) to grade their footage quickly and give it a finished look. PolarPro is one of the first to the market with the Aurora Cinematic Color LUTs designed exclusively for DJI's latest models, with 12 different options that emulate both classic and modern styles. The LUTs are optimized to the specific profiles of the drones and are compatible with most popular video editing applications. You can check out some sample footage in the video above. If you're interested in purchasing the set, you can get the Mavic Pro pack here and the Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced pack here.

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Ronnie Dai's picture

Am I the only one think DJI P4P default color profile looks better then this?

Kyle Medina's picture

They also have them for GoPro Hero 5 too. Thanks!

Pete Whittaker's picture

This reads like ad copy. Groundcontrolcolor.com also sells LUTs for DJI http://www.groundcontrolcolor.com/store.html

Kyle Medina's picture

Thanks for the link.