Storm-Proofed Bags With Innovative Design Announced by Miggo

Last year Miggo launched Pictar, a revolutionary iPhone camera grip, but they haven’t stopped working on innovative designs since then. They return to Indiegogo with a brand new line of storm-proof camera and drone bags called Agua. Every single product of this upcoming collection is IPX3 standard storm-proof while retaining quick-draw ability.

The Agua collection is made of three different bags, each being specifically tailored for a particular use. The Versa Backpack is the most versatile of them all, hence its name, and is designed for daily use by the professional photographer. Camera and lenses are safely stored in an insert which is easy to remove to make the camera bag a bag you could use for anything. It can be carried as backpack, a sling bag, or in an x-position. An external charging system can be added and just accessed through the ports found on the side of the bag. The bag can accommodate for up to two professional lenses such as a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a full-frame DSLR like a D810 or 5D Mark IV.

The second bag of the Agua line is the Drone Lander. As its name indicates, it’s made to carry a drone and help the landing process. It can carry a Mavic or a Spark and protect from the elements and impacts. The bag comes with an integrated landing mat making takeoff and landing easier than ever even when the ground isn’t quite flat (high grass, woods, etc.). The Drone Lander is designed to be carried as a sling bag but to keep it tight against your body, it comes with a diagonal strap.

The last brother of the family is the Agua Sling. Here again, the name describes quite well what it is. Like the Versa, it can accommodate for quite a bit of gear, but actually even more. It will take up to three professional lenses along with a full-frame DSLR body. However, unlike the Versa, it can be carried only as a sling but still retains most of the advantages of its more versatile brother such impact and weather-proof built, and easy integration of your external charging system.

To learn more about the different bags and which one would be best for your, or to order yours be sure to check the Miggo Agua Indiegogo campaign.

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