What Are These Strange Drone Accessories Used For?

Most drones are pretty simple when it comes down to it: a flying device with a camera attached. Accessories are not really that common in the drone world besides basic things like propeller guards. However, one DJI drone system comes with some bizarre accessories, and this neat video takes a look at them, what they are useful for, and how well they work. 

Coming to you from Billy Kyle, this neat video takes a look at the accessories for the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise system. The Mavic 2 Enterprise is essentially a souped-up version that brings with it a variety of features geared toward industrial and search and rescue work, such as 24 GB of password-protected onboard storage and an accessory expansion port. That port allows for three different accessories to be attached, including the M2E Spotlight, which can provide helpful illumination, the M2E beacon for alerting other pilots in the area of the drone's presence during nighttime work, and the M2E speaker, which is surprisingly loud and allows real-time or prerecorded communication. It is pretty neat to see all of them in action, and I would love to see them made available on a wider range of models. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Kyle. 

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