12 Essential Camera Angles Every Filmmaker Should Know

Part of telling a coherent story through video is having a strong command of camera angles and how they can affect the information and emotion you convey to the viewer. This excellent video will show you 12 essential camera angles, what they are used for, and how to properly film them.

Coming to you from Parker Walbeck, this awesome video details 12 essential camera angles anyone working with video should know. Whether you are interested in filmmaking or working as a wedding videographer, knowing these angles will help you tell stronger stories and give you more options for your work in post-processing. I particularly appreciated Walbeck's tip of getting five angles of any essential action. It is crucial to give yourself options in post-processing, as an angle might not work as well as you had anticipated, and you should have lots of perspectives anyway so that you can put together a compelling narrative that keeps the viewer's attention. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips from Walbeck. 

And if you are new to video and want to continue to improve your work, be sure to check out "Introduction to Video: A Photographer's Guide to Filmmaking With Lee Morris and Patrick Hall!"

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