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20 Posing Ideas for Men Who Aren't Models

Professional models can take a lot of the burden off the photographer by bringing their posing expertise to the table. However, you will not always have the benefit of shooting with a professional model, and it is important to have the ability to pose normal people. This great video will show you lots of posing ideas for men who are not models.

Coming to you from Jessica Whitaker, this excellent video will show you 20 posing ideas for men who are not models. While certain genres of photography get to work with models, most genres involve shooting normal people who will have varying degrees of comfort in front of the camera and natural posing ability. Admittedly, this was the aspect of my photography that took the longest to learn by far, and it is something I still work on to this day. While some photographers have a natural ability to pose people on the fly, I have found that I work best by having a catalog of go-to poses that I know work well and can fall back on if I ever need to. If you struggle a bit with it too, check out the video above for lots of helpful ideas. 

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T Van's picture

I still remember the raucous laughter of my fellow film students while watching a very old BBC training video on basics of working with talent, when the raised knee pose was presented.
Never been a fan...

Helmut Steiner's picture

No no no no no. This is so bad. 0_o

Sebastian Wolf's picture

Marie Schrader Breaking Bad:)

Michael F.'s picture

What i find funny these days is that anyone with a "left over camera" not only says he/she is a photographer, but give workshops! What should anyone learn from someone who doesn't even use proper tools to make a descent picture (no flash or reflector whatsoever, so that the eyes are not dead)? This girl has clearly no idea what she is doing!