Amazon's Second-Best-Selling Photography Book Is Now Available for Free Download

Amazon's Second-Best-Selling Photography Book Is Now Available for Free Download

The second-best-selling photography book of all time in the “Digital Photography” section of Amazon has been made available for free download by its authors, who are currently celebrating reaching one million subscribers on YouTube.

Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup hit the milestone on their channel recently and shortly afterwards announced that not only would they be running a camera giveaway, they’d also be making their book available for free download for a limited but unspecified timeframe. The book, titled "How to Create Stunning Digital Photography," has impeccable ratings on Amazon; at the time of writing, it held a 5/5 score after some 2,200 reviews.

Previously, the book retailed for $20 for a physical copy and $10 for the ebook version. Announcing the kind offer, the Northrups said: “To show our gratitude, we’re giving away 'Stunning Digital Photography' for free to everyone.” Donations in return for downloading the book are also encouraged on a pay-what-you-can basis. There are various options when it comes to downloading the publication, dependent on the platform you intend to view on. Users can select between a PDF (a 14.6 MB file for computers and tablets), ePUB (smartphones and eBook readers), and Mobi (for Kindle).

The only hint the pair are giving as to the expiration date of the offer is the vague suggestion that the site will be gone “soon.” Click here if you wish to grab a copy while it’s still available!

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Jorge Cevallos's picture

Thank you. I just downloaded it!

Rob VanderStelt's picture

Sweet Thanks!

Helmut Steiner's picture

Maybe you should add that it is for beginners.

Dan Lubbers's picture

I second that. Definitely a beginner book.

Jack Alexander's picture

As are a huge portion of those visiting this site.

Tim Cray's picture

Who cares if their book is for beginners. It still has useful information and not everyone is an experienced photographer. They're gracious enough to give it away for free when they didn't have to in the first place. It never ceases to amaze me how people find any excuse to gripe or be critical of other people. Get a life dude or just keep your asinine comments to yourself. NO ONE really cares what you or anyone else thinks. Period.

Helmut Steiner's picture

I didn't critique. Professional photographers will care as it will not be very useful for them. So I stated a fact that they don't need to spend their time on downloading and browsing through it.
There is no need for you to get offensive. Plus there are people that care what I think. Obviously those outnumber the ones that like your bashing of other members here.

Tim Cray's picture

I wasn't bashing or being offensive regarding my comment. Furthermore, a "professional" wouldn't need to get or read the Northrup's book. And yes, you were being condescending with your post. I stand by my comment, too. Period.

wesjones's picture

Chelsea and Tony's YouTube channel is my go-to place to learn something new.

Tom Glynn's picture

I'm reading the book now and it's decent. Just curious, what is the #1 best selling photography book if this is #2?

Jiaolun Huang's picture

thanks a lot