Are You Tired of Trying to Make Good Images?

Without a doubt, being a photographer, whether amateur or professional, can sometimes be an exhausting venture. Between clients, social media, trying to constantly innovate creatively, and much more, it is easy to get run down. Are you tired of the chase to make good photos? 

Coming to you from First Man Photography, this great video discusses growing tired of the chase to create compelling photos. Particularly in an age when the pace of creation and the expectation of results are higher than ever, it can be easy to become burnt out or disenchanted by the pursuit of images. This can sometimes become a vicious circle: you feel burnt out, you put pressure on yourself to create, and that makes you feel further burnt out. This is part of the reason it is so important to build in time for yourself, whether that is working on personal projects or stepping away from photography completely just to give your mind a chance to recuperate. After all, we all got into photography because we love the pursuit of something creative, and it's a shame when that love slips away. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Jacques Cornell's picture

I don't experience this at all. But then, although I do paid work as well as personal work, I simply don't feel the pressure of outside expectations when I'm making images. When prepping for a job, yes, but not when pressing the shutter button. I am wholly immersed in the activity of looking, anticipating, visualizing, framing, and capturing something that'll look great, and every other thought is driven from my head. I love it. This is related to my chosen genres - events (paid) and travel/landscape (personal) - which involve adapting to the environment rather than creating it (as in a studio).

craig hildebrand's picture

i'm sorry... but the title sort of infers that you might want to look up a different line of work? LOL...

Jacques Cornell's picture

You infer. The title implies.