The Best Autofocus Settings for Portraits Shoots With Sony Cameras

Sony cameras have some incredibly powerful and advanced autofocus systems with intricate settings and numerous customization options. At times, however, all those capabilities can almost be a bit overwhelming. This helpful video will show you the ideal autofocus settings for portrait shoots.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this helpful video will show you the best autofocus settings to use when shooting portraits with a Sony mirrorless camera. Sony's cameras have rather intricate autofocus systems, and while they're highly powerful, it can sometimes be a bit difficult knowing exactly how to set them up to get optimal performance. Perhaps the most surprising part of moving to a Sony camera for me when it came to portrait shoots was the fact that I switched to continuous autofocus in tandem with Eye AF. Traditionally, one normally shoot portraits in single shot mode for better accuracy and because continuous autofocus really isn't needed in such situations, but with my Sony, the combination of Eye AF and the accuracy of continuous autofocus is such that it makes more sense to leave these on. This is really freeing, as it allows you to worry much less about nailing focus and to focus on posing your client. Check out the video above for Ortiz' full thoughts (starts at 1:41).

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15 seconds in... brilliance! Praise that woman...

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Great famteam work!

Great tip. Thanks

Great tips presented in a fun video. Very enjoyable to watch!