Creative Ideas for Mounting an Action Camera

Action cameras are a fantastic option for getting unique shots in places or situations in which you would not or could not place a normal camera. This great video will show you a range of creative ways you can mount your action camera to get shots from interesting perspectives that can really invigorate your work.

Coming to you from Billy Kyle, this excellent video will show you a wide range of ways you can mount an action cam to get unusual and creative shots. Though the video is oriented specifically toward the DJI Osmo Action Cam, you can reasonably apply the ideas to a GoPro or whatever action cam you prefer to shoot with. The wonderful thing about action cameras is that they are specifically made to be put into more challenging situations and relatively cheap compared to normal cameras, making them perfect to experiment with. The crucial thing to remember is that action camera footage has a very distinctive look, as do these sorts of perspectives, so it is important not to overuse them, as they can quickly go from an interesting perspective to a visually exhausting cliche. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Kyle. 

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Now if you could make it not look like actioncam footage,I'd be sold.

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Check out my unique mounting of my 1DX off the back of a car jumping 100ft plus and triggering it remotely