Crafting Legacy: A Filmmaker's Tribute to Artistic Roots

The journey of recognizing and embracing one's artistic identity is a profound theme that resonates with many photographers and creatives. This notion is beautifully explored in a video project where a filmmaker reflects on the artistic influences of his family, particularly his mother and grandmother, and how these shaped his own creative path. Such narratives are important, as they delve into the deep-seated connections between family, art, and legacy.

In this fantastic video, Eric Floberg embarks on a journey to understand his own inclination towards creativity, pondering whether it's a result of nature or nurture. He recalls his mother’s artistic talents, particularly in photography and crafting, and how these talents subtly influenced his own artistic endeavors. His grandmother’s intricate dolls, a vivid childhood memory, emerge as a symbol of deep-rooted artistic inspiration. This exploration into family history highlights the often-overlooked impact of family members in shaping one’s creative journey. For photographers and artists, this realization can be a powerful source of inspiration, prompting them to delve into their own backgrounds to find hidden influences and motivations.

The film also delves into the concept of legacy and its significance in the world of art. Floberg's mom eventually started her own YouTube channel dedicated to crafting and DIY projects, while Floberg started his own. This act of embracing and continuing the artistic legacy is moving and prompts reflection on the impact one’s art can have on future generations. It serves as a reminder of the unseen threads that connect our artistic endeavors to our past, and how understanding these connections can enrich our work and honor those who influenced us. Be sure to give the video a watch.

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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I was an exhibiting potter/ceramicist for nearly 30 years before switching to photography & mother was a potter and textiles artist for many years...her older sister was an artist as was her younger sister...I'm in the process of making a video that looks at my family's involvement with visual arts and crafts over quite a few generations and have made a video where I talk about my journey with ceramics.
I have also made a longish (46min) video about my mother's life including, of course, her artistic endeavours. These are all up on my Vimeo account.
I think it is important to document life journeys so that future generations can get to know their ancestry...where certain traits, likes and talents may have come from.