Do You Carry a Photography Notebook?

Photography is something where there are lots of little details, any one of which can make or break a shot. This great video talks about the many benefits of keeping something as simple as a notebook on you.

Coming to you from Craig Roberts of e6 Vlogs, this helpful video talks about why you should keep a notebook on you at all times. We talk a lot about expensive and high tech accessories that are meant to make our workflow easier or enable new capabilities, but I agree with Roberts that something as simple as a notebook can do wonders. I know that personally, I always seem to have some random idea at the most inconvenient time, and for years, I was lazy about keeping track of them. I would just wait until the time came to create and go with whatever was in my head at the moment, which was of course depriving me of some of my best ideas that I had let float away for no reason other than my own apathy. Once I started keeping track of those ideas, my work became much more focused and better. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Also, no. I use a notebook app, native to basically every phone for the last 10+ years.

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I use my phone's notepad, but I also find myself wanting to make sketches to capture ideas, so still have paper around as well.

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Paper notebook is so so old fashion. Use an app instead, which unlike paper note book, is backed up every day.

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A paper notebook just works. No dead batteries, no problem seeing it in bright light, easy to write vs. typing, non-disruptive... I carry a water-proof notebook and pencil. When I finally got a smart phone, a year and a half ago, I downloaded photo apps and never use any of them. Totally worthless.

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We all have experiences with dead batteries. It is a fact of life, but if notebook works for you, good luck with it.

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I use a recording app in my smartphone (I live in 2020)
When my battery ends (it never happened, but it could) I use the memory that I have in my… head.

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I carry my tablet. Geez this guy needs to join the twentieth century!

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Easier to use the audio recorder in your phone to make notes with greater detail if you need to record info about a scene that EXIF can't provide. Much faster.

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Alex Cooke did you mean to make that first image a link to the video?

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Yes, I did. Thank you. :)

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Old school but easy to use and reliable.