Do You Create Emotion With Your Photography?

Capturing emotion in your photos is one of the most crucial things you can do to create compelling imagery, and yet, it's one of the things we talk about the least. This great video examines the importance of capturing emotion in landscape photography and how you can go about doing it yourself.

Coming to you from Simon Baxter, this interesting video talks about the importance of being able to find and convey emotion in your landscape images. Perhaps the reason that we don't discuss this topic more is simply because whereas things like technical parameters and settings are easily conveyed in objective formats, the idea of emotion is a bit more nebulous and difficult to articulate. It can also be easy to make the mistake of becoming too personally invested in our own work, relying on a personal connection to a scene in a way that others won't be able to see, which then clouds our ability to objectively judge the photo. It's a tricky balance and one for which there is no quick route to, but it's something that nonetheless is well worth thinking about in your own work. Check out the video above for Baxter's full thoughts on the subject.

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Rob Mitchell's picture

I make people cry with my photography work.

Usually when they get the invoice.

My photos make people watch with awe.

EL PIC's picture

Similar experience...
Most people love or hate my work !!

Only 1 person ever questioned ..
You make how much for taking pictures ??

David Pavlich's picture

When a photographer does tone mapped HDR stuff, there is a lot of emotion; some really like it, others gag. :-) So in my case, I create emotion from time to time.

Especially when they tone-map portraits and everyone looks like they have a dirty face.