Don't Get Tunnel Vision or You'll Miss Some of Your Best Photos

As photographers, we're often taught to preconceive images, as this ensures that we can effectively realize our creative visions, anticipate issues, and generally take more control over the process of shooting compelling imagery. Still, we shouldn't become so fixated that we overlook other great opportunities.

Coming to you from Ben Horne, this great video essay explores how to handle unsuccessful photography trips and the pitfalls of tunnel vision when it comes to getting a shot. It can be easy when you have a specific image in your head or you're chasing that epic light and scenery to become so focused on getting that single shot that your mind tunes out other great opportunities you happen across along the way. I generally think it's important to have an idea of the shots you want and to reasonably work past unexpected obstructions to get them, but at the same time, I think it's crucial to always dedicate a bit of your attention and brainpower to watching for shots you might not have anticipated before you set out. I certainly know that some of my best images were those that I happened upon completely by chance. 

Lead image by Zukiman Mohamad, used under Creative Commons.

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