An Excellent Look at Lighting On-Location Portraits

Lighting in a studio environment is tough enough, but shooting on-location portraits presents its own set of challenges. This excellent video takes you behind the scenes on an on-location portrait shoot for a magazine and details the problems the photographer had to deal with and how he solved them. 

Coming to you from Robert Hall Photography, this great video follows him as he discusses a shoot in a laboratory for a university magazine. Hall talks about some of the issues he dealt with during the shoot, ranging from a careful composition to avoid placing the subject anywhere near the seam of the magazine to making a lab oven look as if it had molten metal in it. One aspect I really appreciated was Hall's thoroughness in ensuring that little details like lab gloves were in place to give the final images a more authentic feel. It is easy to get so caught up in getting the photography right that you miss little details like this, but to an initiated person viewing the photos, they can be really annoying and ruin the final shot (I know I can't stand stock images of "violinists" holding the violin the wrong way). Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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