Five Reasons Why Patience Will Make You a Better Photographer

The modern culture of producing massive amounts of content at breakneck speed can lead us to falling into the trap of trying to force shots before they've developed. This great video shares five reasons why having a bit of patience can lead to better images.

Coming to you from Pierre T. Lambert, this helpful video talks about how patience can lead to better shots. Photographers in almost any genre can benefit from exercising greater patience. By learning to sit back and either wait for the scene to develop in an interesting way or for the right light to come along, you're not just ensuring a greater chance of getting more compelling shots. By doing this, you force yourself to start to develop your eye and to constantly be evaluating scenes more carefully. It's very easy to develop the fear of missing shots, which tends to make photographers start overshooting, clicking every time they sense the hint of anything mildly interesting developing. And while the sheer statistics of taking hundreds of shots dictate that something good is probably in there, learning to stay patient and read the scene will help you find shots that you might have never seen otherwise, and it'll make your culling a lot less painful. Check out the video above for more. 

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10 min talking about one of the most obvious things?

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lol, patience, my friend. :)

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if you need a reason to be patient, photography is not for you.