Four Extra Features Enabled by Using RF Lenses With Canon Mirrorless Cameras

In addition to being quite optically stunning, Canon's new RF lenses add some helpful features that allow you both to customize your workflow and make shooting easier. This excellent video details four features enabled by shooting with RF lenses and a Canon mirrorless camera.

Coming to you from ZY Productions, this great video shows four features enabled when using RF lenses with Canon mirrorless cameras. Canon's addition of the control ring is pretty neat, as it allows you to map a range of custom settings and functions to it, particularly useful for something like setting the ISO and keeping out of the menus more often. Personally, however, my favorite feature is the ability to change the focusing behavior. I personally can't stand it when the focusing speed changes depending on how quickly I turn the focusing ring. I find it very counterintuitive, although some people prefer that behavior. I much prefer that the focal position be tied to the position of the ring only. Nonetheless, whichever you prefer, you can select the behavior in the camera's menu and change it at anytime. Check out the video above for the full rundown of all the features. 

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He is wrong AF assist is working with all EF in manual mode and old manual lenses with an AF confirm chip glued on the lens.