Four Quick Tips for Posing the Groom on the Wedding Day

Making men pose can be an uphill task, especially the groom on his wedding day. This is where a little pre-planning can come in handy. This video from Vanessa Joy of Adorama TV throws light on a few quick techniques. 

The groom's jaw is a good place to start with. Aligning the pose with his jaw's direction will reflect masculinity. Asking the groom to stick his chin out is all it takes. And shoulders and angles can play a huge role in defining the mood too. For instance, a shot from the low angle will make the groom look big in stature. But you have to take care of the lighting and the shadows that follow. Another interesting area to focus is the details. Things like the groom's watch, bow, tie, etc. can be powerful elements to document as they reflect masculinity in their own way. Above all of these, it is essential that you strike a good conversation with the groom before the big day. For no matter how many tricks you keep up the sleeve, a mutual understanding between the groom and the photographer will set the base for all the good poses and shots ahead. Seeking inspiration from many avenues like fashion advertisements is another way to breathe in a fresh wave of posing techniques. Check out the video to get a full rundown of Joy's tips to pose the groom on his wedding day.    

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Shoulders drooped, chin down, pants pockets pulled out and empty. Maybe that is for post wedding shots.

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Thanks for the tip....solid