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Bride Generously Offers Her Wedding to Be Photographed for Free

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A newly engaged woman is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a photographer to expand their portfolio by shooting a “dream wedding” for no charge.

Chloe Vandenberg of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is in search of a photographer who wishes to seize a rare opportunity to create beautiful images that they can use in their portfolio for future marketing purposes. She has recently published advertisements on social media and in popular classified listings.

“We aren’t really interested in amateur photographers,” says Vandenberg, a 28-year old nurse. “We’re looking for someone with a good amount of experience, who would like to take advantage of a prime opportunity to create amazing photos that they can use to promote their wedding photography. It’s win-win: we’ll get beautiful wedding photos, and the photographer will be granted shared copyright ownership so that they can use our photos to generate more business.”

Vandenberg explained that she will be quite selective in choosing a photographer that fits her style, which she describes as vintage-modern portraits that are posed, but still candid.

She already has her entire wedding itinerary completely planned out. The ceremony will take place in a very dark church with stained glass windows and high ceilings, with the reception being held local community fire hall. She plans on applying her own makeup, to make sure she looks exactly the way she wants. She also indicated that her wedding photos are going to be the result of a group effort.

“We rented over a hundred tablet devices that guests will be able to pick up on the way into the ceremony. They can use them to take their own photos throughout the day. They’ll leave their tablets with us before they leave for the night. This way we’ll get to re-live our wedding day from the perspectives of each of our guests.”

To sweeten the deal, Vandenberg isn’t even requesting that all of the professional photos taken from the day be fully edited. “We only need a few hundred of the photos to actually be edited, and then unedited ones can just be given to us as raw files on a USB so that we can do with them what they please. My fiancé just started using Photoshop and he can do a lot of really creative things with filters.”

Vandenberg's offer to wedding professionals doesn't end with photographers. She is also on the hunt for a local caterer who can provide free meals for all of the guests by offering their finest seafood dishes, such as Atlantic lobster tails, beluga caviar, and bluefin tuna. "The free sample idea works great at places like Costco. The chefs will basically be getting free advertising for their services, and though I'm not paying them anything, I'm definitely going to tag them in a few of my Instagram posts. We're also looking for a hotel that wants to boost its ratings by offering free rooms to all our guests for the night."

Vandenberg published her ad six weeks ago and will be interviewing prospective photographers for the position beginning next month. When asked how many photographers had applied for the position thus far, she declined to comment.

Jordan Pinder's picture

Jordan Pinder is a photographer and print artist specializing in outdoor portraits of families, children, and dogs. He is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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This can't be real. Is this real? I'm scared.

It cannot. Sure it s a joke. Too much is too much. Maybe she also gonna grow her own flowers 😂

I gotta hand it to Jordan, I've never been so engaged so quickly! Hats off, sir.

This is CRAZY AS HELL! But not so crazy that it wasn't still possible. Went looking for a link to the original story, I noticed there wasn't one, then I saw the article tag "FStoppers Original" and "Humor". Well done, Jordan!

Beginning of the end to give up raw files to customers. Shared copyright at that. I could well be wrong, but this sound like an idea dreamed up by a control freak.

umm... It was a joke. :-)

You didn't include her contact information. I need to get in touch with her before she picks someone else! :-)

Wow! Maybe I need to try that for a free new car for my Dream Birthday. I'll even throw in a few likes on FB.

It's a trap!!!

you had me for the first few sentences.

That was damn good commitment to the sarcastic sentiment.

@Fstoppers: do you know it's not April's fool yet ?

The problem is that you've made this article sound a little bit too real! :)

You thought that was a problem?

Haha. No, I loved it actually and got sucked in for the first couple of paragraphs!!! Good laugh.

will she litigate if she's not happy with your pics? lol

of course!

Edited: Did not realize this was a joke...Good one :-)

If it's a joke, I didn't get it until things really got out of hand at the end -- because regrettably this isn't all that removed from possibilities.

I had a realtor ask to use my photos of an area "for credit" for a listing. I was supposed to be thrilled because my name would be so prominently placed next to the photos in the listing. I agreed if we could first sign a document committing him to sell my home "for credit" whenever that time came for me. I pointed out that his name would be right on the sign in front of my house, much larger than my mousetype name on his imminent listing, for viewing by every person who drove by for the length of the listing. Yup, he declined.

Dude... is this a joke?

I can't believe YOU'RE asking!

This is where you get to pay someone with out with the trolling you usually receive for your satire, Alex! I actually had to recheck who the author was on this one, after reading it...

Haha. Genius writing.

I was thinking "what a control freak" and then thinking she could do her shopping on wedding services in sites like IBride.com - a global wedding marketplace. She'll literally be like a kid in a mall with a global wedding professional directory. Until of course, I realized it can't be serious. xD

Hah hah haa..Nice writing style :D. if this is real "shared copyright ownership" this is the clause I most scared about. :P

Great ! Perfect oppertunity to test out my new point and shoot ! ...

My favourite bit was giving out tablets to guests FFS. Seeing a tablet or phone at Weddings is one thing that really winds me up.

Goodluck .... happy wedding..

I had to check the date on the article... nope.. not April yet.

This must be a joke! If not somebody needs to explain to her how it works. I am glad she rented those tablets. At least she will get some footage.

Wow, you actually had me till the catering bit! Good one! :D :D

Hilarious, especially the "vintage-modern" bit describing her style.

Welcome in the world on canada where people dont want to pay for souvenir, they just want it free ... But they will give you BIG exposure because... You know... Every one on earth know them and follow all their step.

It more then a nightmare now, its everyday for us here.

* eye starts twitching *

This is basically the majority of 'ISO Photographer' ads on craigslist

I'll gladly go shoot their divorce for free.

1. It's probably real, some people just think this way about themselves.
2. There is a photographer out there dumb enough to do this.

Im in MF!!!!!!!! Lol


Well done!

Have her wear a GoPro with a headband....problem solved.

This is hilarious!! Totally got me until about halfway through the article when the ridiculous level went through the roof. 😂

So my suggestion for my kids would be to have the wedding shot by a a professional videographer in 8K, 16 K or whatever is the highest video quality at the time and give me the video to extract the images. That’s the future.