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girl in field holding bazooka

Making composites look seamless and realistic is the ultimate goal of a digital artist. In this tutorial, you will learn a simple and very effective technique for matching the degree of saturation of your background and subject.

spooky Halloween studio portrait

If you’re searching for inspiration in creating a spooky studio setup, look no further. This tutorial details how to create chilling portraits with silhouetted trees and a smoky backdrop, just in time for Halloween.

developed instant film

Decades ago, instant film was one of the most popular mediums for photography. Though camera technology has significantly advanced since instant cameras were in their prime, there are still many valid reasons for experimenting with them from time to time.

Nikon D850

All of the improved features of the Nikon D850 have prompted many photographers to sell their entire kit in order to completely switch camera brands. Do such modest advances in technology really merit a complete overhaul of your gear?

print on computer desk

In the age of digital photography, very few of the photos we take will ever make it to print. There is something special about holding a tangible print of an image you have created in your hands. Here are some great tips for how and why you should be printing more often to become a better photographer and literally enjoy your images in a new light.

Should Your Next Light Be an LED or a Strobe?

For anyone beginning to delve into the art of using off camera lighting, it can be a bit daunting to decide where to start in acquiring new lighting equipment. Here is a great guide to the pros and cons of LED and strobe lighting so that you’ll be able to make the right choice for your next acquisition.

child and adult framed by woman's legs on beach

Studying and experimenting with composition is one of the fastest ways to elevate your photography. Subframing is a versatile technique that can be applied to many styles of photography. Here are some great tips for incorporating subframing in your images.

husky standing on rock beneath cloudy sky

As a dog photographer, one critical post-processing skill is the ability to remove leashes from your images. It is often the single most time-consuming step of editing your dog portraits. I have tried many techniques for removing leashes, and I find this one to be the fastest while producing great results.

silhouette of girl standing beside bike

Silhouette portraits are always fun to experiment with, and it’s easy to assume that we are limited to sunrise and sunset for capturing this type of image. With knowledge of camera exposure settings and a single off-camera flash, this style of portrait can be produced at any time of day or night.

engaged couple embracing on rocky beach at sunset

One of the challenges wedding photographers encounter is how to structure pricing for their services. One common mistake is to include a free engagement session in all wedding packages. There are a few reasons why you should offer engagement sessions only as an add-on to wedding packages.

man taking long stride under urban overpass

The ability to create images with powerful composition is one skill that separates great photographers from good ones. If you photograph weddings or anything involving outdoor portraiture, keeping these three tips in mind will help you to create strong compositions wherever you go.

todder walking in beach grass

One reason why I gravitate to photographing pets and children is that their unpredictable nature lends to capturing more genuine images that portray their true personalities. In my experience, the parents’ favorite portraits of their children are the candid photos in which the children are completely unaware of the camera and can just be themselves. Here are a few tips on how to create better candid imagery of kids.

rocky coast at sunset

If you’ve ever wondered how to create rich seascape photos with silky waves that convey the motion of the sea, you’ll want to check out this tutorial. Freelance Landscape Photographer Michael Breitung describes how to capture various types of seascape images, and has one particular post-processing tip that you won’t want to miss.

nine dogs in grassy field

The challenges of creating portraits of dogs are compounded when more than one animal comes along for your session. Whether you’re photographing two dogs or two dozen, this simple compositing method will make sure you will be able to create the perfect group portrait where each dog is looking their best.

Aaron Nace of Phlearn

The ability to produce a simple animation is a useful but often ignored feature in Photoshop. In this tutorial, Aaron Nace of Phlearn takes you through the process of producing a basic video in Photoshop by having text fade in on an image.

DIY beauty dish

For photographers just beginning to invest in studio equipment, a beauty dish probably isn’t too high on their wish list of light modifiers. They can be expensive, and are not as versatile as softboxes. In this video, Joe Edelman breaks down the beauty dish and shows how to create the beauty dish look on the cheap.

vizsla chasing ball at beach

When it comes to photographing animals, one of the most technically difficult images to capture is the running action shot. This style of photography often captures the most comical expressions, and is a necessary skill for artists who specialize in photographing dogs. Choosing the appropriate lens, camera settings, and lighting environment will ensure that you will be able to consistently nail your action images time after time.

water droplet on leaf refracting flower

Macro photography enthusiasts often rejoice at the sight of a rainy day, knowing that having beads of water in their compositions can completely change the mood of a close-up image. In this video, Ray Scott of Visual Art Photography Tutorials demonstrates how to incorporate a single water droplet as the dominant compositional element in your macro images.

english bulldog standing on beach at sunset

One of the main reasons why I love photographing dogs outdoors is the challenge of creating beautiful backdrops from the natural surroundings. One of my favorite ways to photograph dogs on location is to use a wide-angle lens to allow the sky to be the dominant background feature. When photographing dogs during the golden hour, incorporating a single speedlight or strobe in your outdoor dog portraits will allow you to effectively use the sun as a backlight and create eye-catching compositions at sunset.