Getting Creative When Shooting Portraits With Color Gels

Using gels opens up a world of colors when shooting portraits. But you don't always have to place the gel paper over the light and shoot. How creative can you get when shooting portraits with color gels?

In this video, Gavin Hoey experiments and comes out with unique images. The context is clear as he sets up an expectation to go beyond the norm and use the gels in newer ways. In fact, he even tries out a different material that is not specifically designed for photography but serves the purpose. The setup is simple: a softbox is used as the background and a small light source from the top is focused on the model. He places the gels between the camera and the model, close to the model's face and even around the model herself. Every time, the results are interesting and different. With enough trials, you can create impressive images with a variety of color patterns based on the gels used. Towards the end, a little post-processing will aid a lot to cut down the unnecessary elements and enhance the mood of the picture. Ultimately, it comes down to keeping it simple and thinking outside the box with the resources you have at hand. Take a look at the video for a full rundown of the process. 

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