A Great Black and White Landscape Photography Workflow

Long exposure black and white landscape photography is beautiful when done well. Check out this great video for one professional photographer's workflow from setup to print. 

In his latest video, landscape photographer Nigel Danson takes us to the Scottish highlands to photograph the heralded waterfalls of Glencoe. Danson works his way through a variety of compositions at different angles, focal lengths, and with several filters. He focuses on simplicity, striving to capture a decluttered image with each element thought out and carefully positioned. When done right, that simplicity can lead to a powerful final image with a fine art look and feel. 

Danson offers helpful advice in the field, including his thought process while experimenting with multiple exposures in order to capture the right water and cloud flow. Taking the viewer from the field into his studio, he works through his editing process, culminating with a print. I'm a firm believer that photography is meant to be printed, coming to life when you can hold your art in your hands and see it framed on the wall. 

I hope this video inspires you to get out there and not only capture the beauty around you but also take your photography to the next level by printing it.

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