Helpful Tips for Choosing Whether to Edit a Landscape Image in Black and White or Color

When you think of landscape photos, you probably think of rich, vibrant colors that pop off the screen. And while those can be fantastic, a black and white image can be just as compelling. This excellent video tutorial will give you a variety of tips as well as mistakes you will want to avoid when trying to decide whether to edit a landscape image in color or in black and white. 

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this informative video tutorial discusses the process of choosing between editing a landscape photo in color or black and white. Images with colors that pop off the screen are generally quite popular nowadays, but of course, a black and white image with dramatic interplay between light and shadow can be equally, if not more compelling, depending on the subject matter, of course. Personally, I have always tried to follow the general philosophy of editing in color when one wants to present information (showing off a wide array of impressive natural features, for example) and editing in black and white when one wants to convey mood or emotion. Check out the video for lots of helpful advice.

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