A Hilarious Look at the 'Terrible' History of Photography

We've got it pretty good when it comes to modern cameras and the ease with which we share photographs. Actually, we have it really good. Therefore, everything that came before must have been terrible, right?

Coming to you from Glove and Boots, this funny puppet video talks about the "terrible" history of photography and thus, how good we have it by comparison nowadays. It is easy to get a little caught up in the specs game and annoyed at missing features or those we think aren't working as well as they should, but it also helps to have a little perspective about how much simpler and easier parts of the process are today in comparison to even the recent past. I won't lie: there's a part of me that misses the anticipation of waiting for photos from the grocery store counter (and the small town I grew up in took a week to turn around a batch of shots). Of course, though, being able to pop a memory card into my computer and have finished results that I can spam to friends and family minutes later is pretty darn convenient. And it's way more convenient than that caveman method. And way less gross.

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Elan Govan's picture

Took too long to watch the video......

Funny. But you need to find another word for all these posts than "hilarious" https://www.thesaurus.com/

William Howell's picture

We are approaching the 200th birthday of modern photography. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce Took the first modern photo in 1829.
My question is, how long was it before a photograph was taken of a nude women? Does anyone know or have an idea?

Rod Kestel's picture

I don't know, but very soon after the camera was invented.

The first uses of any new technology will be weapons and pornography.

(Tho nude does NOT equal porn.)

William Howell's picture

Yeah, I don’t mean porn, you know what I mean. I was just wondering, because the female form has been a muse since the beginning of art. About 1850’s is what I have found to be about the oldest.