How to Avoid a Bad Photoshoot

It happens to all of us at one point or another: for some reason, a photoshoot just doesn't go as we hoped it would, and it feels like the whole thing is falling apart. This quick and helpful video will give you some solid tips to prevent that from happening to you.

Coming to you from Jeff Rojas, this great video talks about the step you can take to avoid having bad photoshoots. Of his tips, I personally have found that constant communication is tremendously helpful. I've had experiences where even when things seemed obvious to me, they weren't clear to the client for one reason or another, and I've found that erring on the side of over-communicating ensures that there aren't any assumptions made that turn into problems down the road. In addition to ensuring that everyone has the information they need and expectations are all on the same level, clients tend to feel a bit more at ease and like they're receiving your full attention when you keep in regular communication with them. It's a little step that can save big headaches down the road. Check out the video above for more of Rojas' tips. 

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