How to Deal With Reflections in Glasses in Portraits

Lighting people is a difficult but important skill to learn, and an additional complication is introduced when your subject wears glasses. This great video will show you how to eliminate distracting reflections in your subject's glasses while still creating flattering lighting. 

Coming to you from David Bergman with Adorama TV, this great video will show you how to deal with reflections from your lights in your subject's glasses. This is a common issue in portraiture. You can often correct it in Photoshop, but depending on how big the reflection is, that can become a very tedious or nearly impossible task. Adjusting the lighting on set will make your life far easier in post, and it often does not take much change. Another option that some portrait photographers use is having frames with the lenses taken out for use in the image, but glasses tend to be a pretty personal part of a person's appearance, so it is generally better to stick with their own frames and adjust the lighting. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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