How a DSLR Camera Works: Free Lesson From Photography 101

Fstoppers has created an entire tutorial on the basics of photography, Photography 101. Today, we are releasing a free excerpt from the tutorial that shows the inner workings of a DSLR camera and how it is you actually take a picture with it. In addition to our free excerpt, we are offering a discount on the full tutorial, simply use code "INTRO" at checkout to save $50. This discount will expire on January 22nd. 

Although camera technology is changing rapidly, the fundamental mechanisms behind capturing an image have stayed the same. Most photographers currently use DSLR cameras and this video offers insight into what is actually happening when you pick up a camera and press the shutter. New mirrorless cameras have slightly different technology in them and thus don't require some of the parts that a DSLR camera has. However, apart from a mirror and how the viewfinder might work, the lens and sensors capture light in the same way. 

If you're just getting started in photography and want to improve your images, the lessons we teach in Photography 101 will help you speed up your journey. Whether you want to become a professional or simply take better pictures, this tutorial will teach you how to master all the settings on your camera and how to use the light around you to capture a beautiful image. Check out the details of the full tutorial in our store

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Sweet I needed this haha

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Something tells me you already knew this