How to Find Models for Photo Work When You're Short on Money or Have a Small Portfolio

It can often be tough to find models to work with, particularly when you're working on a small budget or you don't have many images in your portfolio. This awesome video will give you some great tips to find models for your photography work. 

When you're first starting out, finding models can be a bit of a catch-22. Agencies and most models generally want to see a portfolio of work before they'll work with you, but you need models to work with you before you can build a portfolio. So, what do you do? This excellent video from Chelsea Nicole Photography will show you various methods for getting around this conundrum when you don't have the budget or portfolio to go the traditional route. Personally, I try to find a group of people in need of photography for whom a trade is a valuable proposition for both parties. In my case, that means often tapping into the population of musicians nearby, as they always need portraits for their resumes, concert programs, and the like. Think about who around you could use images and offer a mutually beneficial trade. Check out the video above for the complete list of helpful tips. 

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