How to Photograph Incredible Frozen Soap Bubbles in Your Backyard Garden

If you’re looking for a project to shoot at home and have access to some rather cold weather, check out this tutorial on how to shoot frozen soap bubbles from photographer and podcaster Don Komarechka. A simple setup can yield some truly stunning results.

In this short video put together by DPReview, Komarechka talks you through his process, firstly for making the bubbles and then for how to shoot them. Komarechka has a reputation for creating remarkable images at home, with a particular love of science, fluid dynamics, and ice. These frozen bubbles bring all of those things together.

For those who don’t have a garden of snow, you will probably need a walk-in freezer. Asking your local butcher might be a bit strange, even if most of us weren’t already subject to a COVID-19 lockdown. In theory, you could try opening the door of your freezer or icebox and creating some bubbles, perhaps placing a head torch inside in order to create the backlight. Make sure not to rack up your electricity bill, and given the impending apocalypse, be careful not to defrost too many ready meals. Let us know how you get on.

You might also want to check out more of Komarechka's work on his website.

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Derek Morf's picture

This looks like it could be great fun! Too bad it's late March and winter is almost over in the northern hemisphere :(

Troy Straub's picture

Great video, I love how Don is always so willing to share his knowledge. I will have to set something up in my garage next year.

What is this, “winter,” of which you speak? 😉😆😁😀😄

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The Puerto Rico crew can relate, I am sure.

Before taking such beautiful pictures in my garden I need to put it in a better condition. It's under renovation right now and soon I'll bring permeable pavers to my backyard. I found reviews on them here and I like some types of it.