How to Pose People Who Aren't Models

Working with models can make your job a bit easier, but for those of us who shoot portraits of people who are not models, having a firm grasp of posing is crucial. This excellent video will teach you how to pose normal people and still get professional images. 

Coming to you from Jessica Kobeissi, this helpful video will give you some great advice for posing people who are not models. Posing often presents the most difficulty for photographers. Unlike things like choosing the right aperture of shutter speed, where there are quantifiable parameters that can be assigned to different scenarios, posing can feel a bit more nebulous and difficult to master. While you always want shoots to have an organic feel to them, it can be a lot of pressure to try to improvise constantly, so it helps to have a few go-to poses you can fall back on should you find yourself not feeling particularly creative on any given day. This can help you ensure that you will always come back from a shoot with a set of keepers while still allowing you room to experiment while working with your subject(s). Check out the video above for the full rundown from Kobeissi. 

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Steve Powell's picture

Some good tips. Working with a new model can be frustrating.