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How to Present Your Prints as Professionally as Possible

With the current situation leaving many photographers without the ability to continue shooting, you may have started to turn toward selling prints as a way to supplement your income. This excellent video will show you how you can turn your prints into a truly professional product that will seriously impress your customers. 

Coming to you from Simon Baxter, this great video discusses his ideas for making his prints a complete product and experience for his customers. When a customer buys a print, it is likely something that will be hanging in their home for years to come, and as such, it is no small decision. Baxter recognizes this. Instead of just dropping a print in a padded envelope, he includes a personalized thank you card, a certificate of authenticity/informational card, and a sheet describing the process that led to the creation of the photo, all with his branding on them. Of course, this requires more time, effort, and expense on your part, but a print is a personal thing, and doing all these things helps the buyer feel a personal connection with and investment in you and your work, which makes them more likely to come back or to recommend you to family and friends. Check out the video above for Baxter's full thoughts. 

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