How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Camera Equipment

How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Camera Equipment

As coronavirus continues to spread, the importance of proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures has never been higher. And with camera equipment being something you hold and press to your face, it is a good time to review how to properly clean and disinfect your gear.

The coronavirus epidemic has had profound effects across the camera industry, and it is more crucial than ever for every person to be well informed of the constantly evolving situation and to do their part to protect both themselves and others. Lens Rentals founder Roger Cicala has written a comprehensive blog post on how to clean and disinfect both camera gear and your working space that offers an excellent overview of various methods and cleaning products. This article is particularly worth reading, as Cicala is a former physician, and this, combined with his intricate knowledge of camera gear, make him the ideal person to discuss how to thoroughly and effectively keep yourself safe when it comes to working with your equipment. Head over to Lens Rentals and take time to read through their very thorough and informative post, and stay safe and healthy! 

Lead image used with permission of Lens Rentals.

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No surprise, Alex, this is about the best article on protective measures, much less cleaning workspaces and equipment. Thanks for linking it.