How to Shoot B-Roll for Your Video Work

B-roll is important stuff. It keeps your viewer's experience from becoming stagnant, and it can be used to explain or elaborate on the main footage. It's entirely its own art to shoot, and this helpful tutorial will give you great tips to get more and better b-roll footage for your video work.

Coming to you from Darious Britt, this video talks about how to capture better b-roll. Having a large supply of high quality b-roll gives you many more options in post, allowing you to augment your storyline or simply provide some visual spice beyond talking heads. One of the biggest keys is to overshoot: it's always better to have an overabundance, and you often end up needing more than you thought you would. In addition, because of the often more generic nature of b-roll, you can build a library of footage that you can draw upon for future projects. On a similar note, because the entire point is usually to break the visual monotony, take advantage of the opportunity to experiment. You might even come away with some techniques or ideas to use for your a-roll. Just be sure to leave time during your shoot to actually get the extra footage you need!

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