How To Take The Perfect Photo

In all the glory that is Wes Anderson, Mango Street decided to enter the Moment Invitational 2019 with a video telling you how to take the perfect photo. It covers the basics in a great way, and the video was obviously shot using the Moment lenses. 

Get the location right. Choose an environment that will give you what you the shot you want to get. Use the rule of thirds, choose colors that pop and remove all the unnecessary and only keep what's important for the shot. The video says that you should only do this, but obviously rules are made to be broken once you've mastered them. 

If you are able to use available light you will be much more likely to take a great photo than if you weren't. You can modify light with a reflector or strobes if you want. A cool trick I only learned because of the video is to use your hand to see what the light will do to someone's face. You should also choose a time of day that gives the best light. This should be light that's not harsh or cause harsh shadows on your subject. 

Most of the tips are obvious, but it's presented in such a good way and the refresher is fun and definitely memorable.

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Mark Dunsmuir's picture

Can we all agree that that was pretty funny?

Mr Hogwallop's picture

To be honest I was afraid of another rehash of good camera used by bad photographer is better or worse than a bad camera used by a good photographer comparisons. Which usually had an iffy conclusion.
This was a fun "homage" to Wes Anderson.