A Humorous and Informative Look at How a Landscape Photo Is Made

Landscape photography can be a quirky genre in which you're by yourself, braving the elements in search of that elusive shot. This great video takes a lighthearted but educational look at everything that goes into creating a landscape photo.

Coming to you from Craig Roberts of e6 Vlogs, this fun video follows him as he scouts and shoots landscape photos. Landscape photography is a particularly solitary genre, and that can lead to some generally quirky behavior as you spend hours upon hours by yourself in often less-than-ideal conditions. I know I've certainly audibly cursed myself for wading waist deep into freezing water to photograph leaves on rocks, continuing to curse the whole time I was shooting. I'm sure anyone that happened to walk by on the trail thought I was a lunatic. Nonetheless, we do it because we love it, of course, and it's great that Roberts lets us in on the experience a bit. It's also a good lesson in scouting; notice how he really milks the location for the best spot by evaluating the different perspectives for their compositional deficiencies and using that to find the perfect spot for the shot he's looking for. It's a great look at the complete process of creating a photo. 

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Deleted Account's picture

Great video and ongoing reveal of his thinking. The best line. "Did I lock the car?" 3 times I think. Also showing the practical use of the grad filter was great.We should do this type of analysis with all our shooting really whether it's landscape or weddings or birds.

Alex Cooke's picture

He's one of my favorite YouTubers!

Deleted Account's picture

I can see why Alex. So much thought gone into that.